The Can’t Sleep Shower Meditation

So here’s the first of my favorite meditations, since I’m in bed and can’t quite manage to turn my mind off enough to sleep. For those of you who, like me, lie down and can’t stop just thinking, this one’s for you!

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The Can’t Sleep Shower Meditation

After you read through and understand these simple instructions, you will go take a warm or hot shower for as long as you like. As you let it relax you, remember to try the visualizations in this meditation.

1. Immerse yourself in the cascading water. Feel the warmth of the shower soothe and relax you.

2. Imagine that the water isn’t just cleansing your physical dirt, but all your emotional dirt as well. All that stress, anger, fear, any and all negativity, feel the water wash that off and out of you. All your worries of the day, all your projects and concerns, let them gently wash away too for the night.

3. Picture in your mind the water in the shower turning dark and even black with the amount of stress, worries, thoughts, concerns it is washing off you.

4. When you feel complete, step out and wrap yourself in a fluffy towel or robe, knowing that all your cares of the night are now rinsing down the tub drain.

Go Right to Sleep!


101 Uses for Coconut Oil

If you have yet to taste the goodness of coconut oil, or use coconut oil as a skin moisturizer, you are missing out on one of the most all-purpose products available to us! Every home needs a big ol’ jar of coconut oil. It’s cheap, amazingly therapeutic and can be used for hundreds of purposes. To get you started, here are 101 of the best uses for Coconut Oil!

1. For cooking, obviously. Coconut Oil has a high smoke point, so its great for stir-frys and anything cooked on the stovetop with high heat.

2. As a light, non-greasy daily moisturizer

3. As a balm on rashes, skin irritations, minor cuts, etc, to help them heal faster.

4. To boost your immune system. Coconut oil has some great anti-viral qualities, thanks to the lauric acid and capric acid contained within it.

5. Mixed with essential oils to dilute for topical use.

6. As a cloth-diaper safe diaper cream – just rub it on baby’s bottom. You’ll never switch back.

7. Coconut oil is excellent for baking, and healthier than a lot of veggie oils.

8. Eye make-up remover. Not kidding; it’s awesome.

9. In your homemade hair conditioning treatments.

10. To remove cradle cap in babies. Rub a little in, let it sit for a few moments, rinse and wipe off with warm washcloth. (Makes babies hair a tiny bit greasy, but worth it to remove the cradle cap.)

11. Added to food/drink daily for increased energy

12. To do oil pulling to heal your teeth and for oral hygiene

13. As a lovely, healthy Massage Oil

14. With a cleaning agent in your homemade laundry detergent

15. To make scented Whipped Body Butter

16. To prevent and heal stretch marks in pregnancy and beyond.

17. Spread on bread, as a butter/margarine alternative

18. As a base for salves and balms for all sorts of purposes

19. Mixed with sugar for a Sugar Scrub to exfoliate and moisturize

20. To polish leather – but only shiny leather as it will leave a shine!

21. With apple cider vinegar and Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Oil to make a natural lice treatment

22. To sooth eczema or psoriasis

23. In healthy, brain boosting snacks for kids and adults

24. Studies show it can help balance insulin levels

25. Nursing women can add a few Tbs to their daily diet to increase milk supply

26. As a base with essential oils for a natural Bug Repellent

27. To season your cast iron skillets

28. By itself or with EOs as a natural deodorant

29. In homemade vapor rub (so easy and so much better)

30. To smooth and heal cracked feet and heels

31. In homemade Re-mineralizing Toothpaste

32. Use instead of cuticle cream to help your nail grow and strengthen

33. Use topically to ease the pain of hemorrhoids

34.  Include in almost all diy lotion recipes

35.  Add to your smoothies for a creamy blend and a brain power boost

36. Make lotion bars

37. Mix with salt and scrub dead skin off your feet

38. Add to homemade soaps for some moisture

39. Dab on bug bites to kill the itch

40. Use regularly to reduce appearance of cellulite

41. Use regularly to diminish varicose veins

42. Replace unhealthy fats with Coconut Oil to lower cholesterol

43. Use as a natural one-ingredient lip balm

43. Apply to chapped, cracked nostrils during cold season after too many tissues

43. Many women use coconut oil topically and internally to kill yeast and help yeast infections

44. Rub in to soothe achy muscles

45. Take as a digestive aid

46. Make an easy diy Dandruff Treatment or Dandruff Shampoo

47. Gargle with to ease sore throats

48. Include in diet for increased metabolism

49. Clear up acne when used regularly in small amounts

50. Used for car sickness – rub into wrists

51. Soothes cracked nipples from breastfeeding

52. After the initial heat is gone, use to speed up healing of sunburns

53. As a coffee creamer, when emulsified into coffee

54. In homemade Mayonnaise without the hydrogenated oils

55. Smooths wrinkles when used regularly

56. Make a facial scrub with coconut oil and baking soda

57. Fades and eliminate age spots

58. Use in place of Lanolin on chaffed nipples from breastfeeding.

59. Cleans Mascara brushes

60. Moisturizes as a bath oil

61. Conditions Eyelashes

62. Prevents sagging skin

63. Tenderizes roast meats

64. A healthy addition to salad oils

65. Polishes metal

66. Replaces WD-40

67. Treats cutting boards

68. Cleans Tubs and Showers

69. Sweetens Teas and Coffee

70. Polishes Silverware

71. Cleans Barbecue

72. Polishes Shoes

73. Removes wax

74. Unstick Stubborn Zippers

75. Removes gum from hair and fabric

76. Removes Sap

77. Make Bath Melts with Coconut Oil

78. Deep Condition Rough Hands with coconut oil and a pair of gloves

79. Prevents Kitty Litter from Sticking to the Tray

80. Promote healing for tattoos

81. Used as a safe personal lubrication, but not with latex.

82. Rub on your legs in the shower, instead of shaving cream, and enjoy a moisturizing and antibacterial shave

83. Grease your baking sheets with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.

84. Make Coconut Butter.

85. Eliminates fleas and ticks in your pets fur

86. Make a hydrating anti-acne face mask

87. Avoid skin stains while dying your hair by rubbing coconut oil around your ears, neck and hairline.

88. Slather into light hair before going in a pool, to diminish the effects of the chlorine.

89. Combine with sugar for a simple lip exfoliating scrub.

90. Apply a small amount to palms to smooth down and tame fly-away strands

91. Try using melted coconut oil with a dash of sea salt instead of butter on         popcorn, toast and artichokes.

92. Slather it on for relief from chicken pox or shingles.

93. Mix with baking soda for a natural Goo-Gone

94. Mix with Clove Oil for bad tooth pain, until you can get to the dentist

95. Spread it on a nail brush for a anti-fungal nail scrub

96. Removes stickers and sticky labels from glass, plastic, wood…

97. Removes ink marks from vinyl, pleather, etc.

98. Make your own Coconut Beeswax Candles

99. Mix with lemon juice and use as a furniture polish.

100. Mix with avocado for a deep conditioning hair mask.

101. Ingesting Coconut Oil every day is said to really help with allergies.

*I’m done! Go buy yourself a jar of coconut oil and start playing!*