Five Minutes to Meditation

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There’s nothing I advise more as a way of promoting self healing than regular meditation. The mind-body connection is very real and very powerful. Stress kills more than anything else does in our society – weakening our immune system, destroying our will to live to the fullest, opening the door to all sorts of illnesses and imbalances. Meditation is ALWAYS a great idea, no matter who you are, what your belief system may be, or what health issues you face. Anyone can and should meditate.

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That said, there are some pretty common things people say to me when I bring up meditation. Sometimes people think it’s too “out there,” and they just aren’t interested in trying it. More often, though, people HAVE tried it – and they feel like they’ve failed. They decide they can’t focus enough, it’s not for them, they just can’t do it.

You never fail at meditation.

And let’s be honest. Most of us don’t have time to sit in lotus position for an hour each day, working to clear our minds of all thoughts and reach a place of “enlightenment.” (Those who do choose to do this are getting such amazing benefits, and I applaud them! I do try to do this maybe once or twice a week – but I have two kids under 6, a husband, a business, and no illusion that I can “do it all.”)

I’m a big believer of WE DO WHAT WE CAN. And it all helps.

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We put too much pressure on ourselves.  Setting aside 5 minutes for meditation a day can change your entire outlook for that day. 20 is better. An hour would be incredible. But it’s so easy to do too much and end up giving up. Even five minutes – even one minute – it all helps, it’s all beneficial.

I’ll be blogging some of my favorite quick meditations as we go, but for those of you who think you MUST be able to completely clear your mind to benefit from meditate – or those who think it’s just impossible to clear: Start with a few minutes of this one. Do it now. Seriously! If you have ten minutes or one minute, or anywhere in between available right now – do it now.Featured image

I’m going to explain the steps. They’re very simple; read them through and then try it. Tell me you don’t feel at least a little better afterwards.

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1. Step One: Get the Breathing Down

  • Take a deep breath right now. Fill your diagram – your BELLY should move, not your chest.
  • Breath slowly. Hold it for two beats. Then slowly exhale.  Wait two beats, and begin again. It should feel natural.

Got it? Step Two: Choose one of these two images.

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While you’re focusing on doing the breathing, anytime a thought pops up you are going to picture that thought in your mind as an IMAGE or WORD. Then, picture:

       a.) a fluffy cloud floating by and blowing it gently away where you can no                          longer see it or

       b.) Someone walking by with a vaccum, sucking up the words as he                                   walks off-screen.

Pick the one that works for you. Watch the though vanish. Then you just refocus on your breathing.

Got it? I doesn’t matter how many thoughts pop up, keep floating or sucking them away and return to your breathing.

Ready? Go!

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All done? Back with me?

You did it! Your mind feels clear, your blood is oxygenated and your muscles are relaxed. See how easy? Keep it up!

Stay tuned for my favorite easy meditations and tips. It can only do you good!!!


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